Run Next-gen Kaldi in your browser

This page describes how to try Next-gen Kaldi in your browser.


You don’t need to download or install anything. All you need is a browser.

The server is running on CPU within a docker container provided by Huggingface and you use a browser to interact with it. The browser can be run on Windows, macOS, Linux, or even on your phone or iPad.

You can upload a file for recognition, record your speech via a microphone from within the browser and submit it for recognition, or even provider an URL to an audio file for speech recognition.

Now let’s get started.

Visit our Huggingface space

Start your browser and visit the following address:

and you will see a page like the following screenshot:

screenshot of `<>`_


If you don’t have access to Huggingface, please visit the following mirror:

You can:

  1. Select a language for recognition. Currently, we provide pre-trained models from icefall for the following languages: Chinese, English, and Chinese+English.

  2. After selecting the target language, you can select a pre-trained model corresponding to the language.

  3. Select the decoding method. Currently, it provides greedy search and modified_beam_search.

  4. If you selected modified_beam_search, you can choose the number of active paths during the search.

  5. Either upload a file or record your speech for recognition.

  6. Click the button Submit for recognition.

  7. Wait for a moment and you will get the recognition results.

The following screenshot shows an example when selecting Chinese+English:

screenshot of `<>`_

In the bottom part of the page, you can find a table of examples. You can click one of them and then click Submit for recognition.

screenshot of `<>`_

YouTube Video

We provide the following YouTube video demonstrating how to use


To get the latest news of next-gen Kaldi, please subscribe the following YouTube channel by Nadira Povey:

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