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Pretrained models


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How to download

We are hosting our pre-trained models on Huggingface as git repositories managed by Git LFS.

There are at least two methods for downloading:

  • Using git lfs

  • Using wget

In the following, we use the pre-trained model pkufool/icefall-asr-zipformer-streaming-wenetspeech-20230615 (Chinese) as an example.

Using git lfs

Please first install git-lfs by following

# apt/deb
sudo apt-get install git-lfs

# yum/rpm
sudo yum install git-lfs

Please see for details.

Then use the following commands to download pre-trained models:

cd icefall-asr-zipformer-streaming-wenetspeech-20230615
git lfs pull --include "exp/*chunk-16-left-128.*onnx"


It is very important to set the environment variable GIT_LFS_SKIP_SMUDGE to 1. We don’t recommend using git lfs install as it will download many large files that we don’t need.

Using wget

First, let us visit the huggingface git repository of the pre-trained model:

Visit the pre-traind model git repo

Click Files and versions and navigate to the directory containing files for downloading:

Get the URL for downloading

Right click the arrow that indicates downloading and copy the link address. After that, you can use, for instance, wget to download the file with the following command:


Repeat the process until you have downloaded all the required files.